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White Angel
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Only 12 left!

White Angel

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White Angel is patiently and painstakingly aged in 500L puncheons with 2 pounds per gallon of whole, North Carolina-grown Muscadine grapes. After maturation in these neutral oak vessels, this sour is re-fermented on an additional 2 pounds per gallon of Muscadines to impart a tannic grape character. A total of 4 pounds per gallon of fruit renders White Angel the absolute essence of wild grapes in a glass.

Style: Sour - Other

ABV: 7.3%

Format: 500mL Bottles

Availability: Annual Release

Ingredients: Grape - Muscadine

Flavors: Grape - Muscadine

Origin: Asheville, North Carolina

More About: Wicked Weed Brewing