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Seltzer, Cider and Tea Variety 18 Pack - TapRm Delivered By TapRm

Seltzer, Cider and Tea Variety 18 Pack

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It's not all about the beer!  We love to mix it up with all the amazing gluten-free bubbly delights we carry.  Enjoy this hand-selected mixed pack of Hard Seltzer, Hard Tea, and Cider.

This bubbly, gluten-free 18 Pack comes with two each:

Anxo - Cidre Blanc

Loverboy - White Tea Peach

Departed Soles - Hustle Harder: Grape Kiwi

JuneShine - Hopical Citrus

Collective Cider - Nature of Things

Owl's Brew - Matcha

Fountain - Tart Cherry Hard Seltzer

Fountain - Mango Hard Seltzer

Citizen Cider - Unified Press


Please note we want to get this pack to you as quickly as possible so in the event that we run out of a particular beer, then we'll substitute it for one of equal or higher value.

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