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Plan Bee Hive Membership
Plan Bee Hive Membership
Plan Bee Hive Membership

Plan Bee Hive Membership

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*Quarterly shipments of 100% NYS seasonal exclusive beer, swag and extras*

Click Here to pre-pay for a year and rest easy knowing that four quarterly shipments are coming your way!

Fall Hive Bundle (September) Will Include:

  • BEEKEEPER - (1500mL - 6.0% abv): A magnum exclusive ONLY being released to the Hive, this beer is truly special and cannot be found anywhere else! Hudson Valley malted & unmalted grains, turbid-mashed & long-boiled with estate aged NY hops, cooled overnight in our barn coolship, spontaneously fermented in Hudson Valley oak tanks and aged in large format barrels for over 3 YEARS, bottle conditioned with a touch of fresh Barn Beer.
    It's Poughkeepsie, it's a Keeper!

  • BARN BEER - (375mL - 5.5% abv): This batch is different from the others, we used a new combination of hops including Chinook that gives this batch a pineapple flavor profile. Fermented with our house mixed culture from our raw honey and honey comb on the farm (Poughkeepsie, NY). Coolship cooled and fermented in oak. Lemon/pine hop notes. Subtly tart, soft, & lemony. white oak. Juicy & satisfying, dances btw fruity & funky yeast.

  • BEEROO - (375mL - 5.5% abv) - One 375mL bottle of BeeRoo - dark wild ale barrel aged on local, bio dynamically grown plums from Rose Hill Farm (Red Hook, NY) & organic shiso leaf from Common Hand Farms (Hudson, NY)  

  • PICKLE - (375mL - 5.0% abv) - a fan favorite, our farm grown cucumbers and dill, barrel aged to create a full pickle experience! Refreshing and surprisingly drinkable :)
  • HERBANE - (375m - 5.0% abvL) NY wild ale aged in oak on lemon verbena, lemon basil and tulsi basil, a summer refreshing ale with herbs all combined from our raised beds on the farm   
  • Plan Bee Custom organic cotton tote - Large
  • Plan Bee 18oz Metal Camping mug with Modern Line Design Logo
  • Access to purchase EXCLUSIVE Fall Hive tickets for Sunday, October 20th
  • $10 Gift Certificate for TapRm

Additional Benefits for Hive Members ONLY:

  • Access to exclusive Hive ONLY bottles for additional purchase
  • Monthly Hive exclusive newsletter
  • Exclusive Hive event for members and their guests only
  • First access to Plan Bee event tickets to general public events, festivals, music events, etc. 

Origin: Poughkeepsie, NY

More About: Plan Bee Farm Brewery