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Peeled Grapefruit Pilsner

Moody Tongue Brewing Company

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Exclusive to TapRm. 

At Moody Tongue, our goal is to create beers which excite the palate – and we are always on the search for multi-dimensional ingredients which complement traditional beer styles. Grapefruits, with their high acidity, are a natural candidate to wake the palate and provide balance with the sweetness of malt. In this Pilsner, we capture sweet, sour and bitter tastes from the grapefruit within a light, refreshing body. Enjoy this Peeled Grapefruit Pilsner with sunshine and a grill, and the pairing opportunities will be endless.

ABV: 4.3%

Origin: Chicago, IL

Content: 12oz bottles

More About: Moody Tongue Brewery