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One Hoof in Front of the Other IPA

Bolero Snort Brewery


Cross my heart and hope to die, putting in lots of hops at a time. They got your back and like bovines, whoooaaa ohhh... One Hoof in Front of the Other! They  layed down a dreamy base with loads of wheat and oats and fermented with a new yeast to them that made this pure juice! Azacca/Denali in the whirlpool with more of those bangers plus Citra/Galaxy in the dry hops. Huge notes of ripe orange, mango and peach. A fun little beer as a nod to one of their favorite feel good songs. Are you ready to walk the mooooooon?!?

Hops: Azacca, Delani, Citra, Galaxy

ABV: 7.5%

Malt: Oat, Flaked Oats, Torrified Wheat

Content: 16oz cans

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