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NY Craft Beer Pack Quarterly (Quarter-by-Quarter Save $5)



Our Best NY Local Micro-Brews Selected by Us, Brewed by Them.

Makes a Perfect Gift and Get a Free 'New York Awesome' Pint Glass to Drink these Brews in Style.

Save $30 if you prepay for one year here.

You will receive each quarter, Different Local NY Craft Beer's from TapRm's breweries for Only $60 with 2-Day Free Shipping. No commitment. The NY Craft Beer Pack is automatically delivered each quarter. No obligation, modify or cancel your subscription anytime. 

We drink a lot of mediocre and bad NY beer…So you don’t have to. You only receive quality, exciting, and innovative craft beers directly from our micro-craft brewery partners in New York hat had little to no access before. We're the only place online able to sourcing amazing beers directly from the breweries, without any middlemen, so a lot more of your hard earned dollars goes to support small breweries, their families and their local communities.

We stand by every can of craft beer we select. We take our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee quite seriously, priding ourselves in building relationships, by knowing our product, and offering responsive, care-driven customer service.

The October NY Pack comes with:

1x Winner's Circle American Session Ale (Albany, NY) ($2.50 Value)

1x Artisanal SPA Pale Ale ($4 Value)

1x Artisanal Raspberry in the Glasses (Saratoga Springs, NY) ($5 Value)

1x Artisanal Peach in the Galsses (Saratoga Springs, NY) ($5 Value)

1x Artisanal Daily Double DDH DIPA (Saratoga Springs, NY) ($5 Value)

1x Artisanal Come at me Bro, Sour Pale Ale (Saratoga Springs, NY) ($5.50 Value)

1x Alewife Forged in Fire Marzen/Octoberfest (Queens, NY) ($4.25 Value)

1x Alewife Electric Rhino Session IPA (Queens, NY) ($4.50 Value)

1x Alewife Metanoia IPA (Queens, NY) ($4.50 Value)

1x Alewife Death to Ego IPA (Queens, NY) ($4.50 Value)

1x Harlem IPA 16oz Cans (Harlem, NY) ($2.50 Value)

1x Harlem Renaissance Wit 16oz Cans (Harlem, NY) ($2.50 Value)

1x Sunday Anytime Lager Beer (Brooklyn, NY) ($2 Value)

1x Lithology Sunrise Summer Ale (Long Island, NY) ($3.50 Value)

1x Lithology A-Frame Pilsner (Long Island, NY) ($3.00 Value)

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