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Miscellanea Vol. 2 - Off Color Delivered By TapRm
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Miscellanea Vol. 2

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The 2019 release of this Foedre Fermented Wild Ale is modeled more after a super saison with a lighter colored grist bill and a heavier addition of wheat to soften the body and round out the expression. As part of the ever expanding palette of house bretts, native yeasts and wild cultures we added a laboratory source of Brettanomyces clausennii and our native Hellbroth cultures. Vol. 2 retains the over-ripe apricot, bergamot, cotton candy and wisps of Nebbiolo grapes further punctuated by explosive notes of Mandarin orange and tepaché. Alluringly tannic and dry, complemented by moderate acidity, barnyard funk and Old World, Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc like minerality. Who said sequels can’t be as good?

Style: American Wild Ale

ABV: 6.2%

Format: 250mL Cans

Origin: Chicago, Illinois