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Lunar Variety Pack - Lunar Delivered By TapRm
Lunar Variety Pack - Lunar Delivered By TapRm
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Lunar Variety Pack

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Lunar is the first Asian-American craft hard seltzer made with premium, authentic fruits sourced directly from the motherland.

Can’t make up your mind? Try all three of our flavors made with real fruit juice: Yuzu, Lychee, and Plum

Yuzu: We’ve made a fresh, bubbly version of honey citron tea.  Made with yuzu from Shimane Prefecture.

Lychee: Imagine those lychee jelly cups you had as a as a seltzer. Made with lychee nectar from Thailand.

Plum: This is a throwback to the iced plum tea we had on summer trips to Korea. Made with plum juice from South Korea.

Best enjoyed cold and paired with mom’s home cooking.

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