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Le Roar Grrrz Black
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Le Roar Grrrz Black

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Exclusive to TapRm.

Style: American Wild Ale

VERY LIMITED - 100% spontaneously fermented non-traditional Belgian style ale, oak barrel aged from two years (!), produced in the spirit of classic Pajottenland Gueuze which will blow minds and has for years. Brewed with unmalted wheat, pale malt and chateau black roated malt. Bottle conditioned with Belgian candi sugar.

For the first time available outside of Pennsylvania, these fruit variants in the Le Roar Grrrz series out matches some of the brewing legends of Belgium. You'd probably have to go all the way to Belgium to find anything that matches its fruity elegance.

ABV: 7.5%

Origin: Williamsport, PA

Content: 750ml bottles

More About: Bullfrog Brewery