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Greetings, and welcome to Lager-landia!  Kick your shoes off, leave the hop-bombs for the haze-bros, and crack open a crafty crispy boy.

At TapRm, we've warmly embraced the recent renaissance of all things cold-conditioned, and with this mixed 12 pack we've assembled some of our favorite crushers that showcase not-your-grandmother's American lager.

This pack comes with 1 each:

EBBS - Lager No. 1

Japas - Matsurika

Champion - Shower Beer

Industrial Arts - Metric Pils

Schlenkerla - Helles Schlenkerla Laberbier

Torch & Crown - Sub Rosa

Oxbow - Seaworthy

Jack's Abby - Citra Bräu

Transmitter - L1 Pilsner

Greenpoint - Rabbit Island

Night Shift - Nite Lite

Folksbier - OBL