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Herbaceous Mango IPA



4 Packs - Exclusive to TapRm.

The inaugural crowdsourced brew project from inspired by community member, Damian Fazzolari.  A floral and herbaceous hop bomb on the nose that taste like the hops have been soaked in melted mango creamsicles.  We have a very limited quantity and pre-orders will be $5 / can.  Price after launch date (Dec 8) will increase to $6 / can.

For pickup at the brewery, please use the following code to remove the shipping charge: BREWSBYPICKUP available to pick up at Circa Brewing Co. in Brooklyn NY starting Dec 8.

If you'd like delivery for free, shop around for other craft beers available on and order $50+ for free delivery.

If you are ineligible for shipping (not in NY state) and are not able to come to the Circa tap room, enter code BREWSBYPICKUP and arrange for someone to pick it up for you!

ABV: 6.4

IBU: 65

Origin: Brooklyn, NY

Content: 4 Packs of 16oz cans

More About: Circa Brewing Co. + Collaboration