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18 cans

1 Hibiscus Pom 6-pack

1 Black Tea Lemon 6-pack

1 White Tea Peach 6-pack

Hibiscus Pom kissed with Lime: She’s the original that always stands out and will keep you coming back for more. The refreshing combination of pomegranate and lime, makes her great to drink after a long run or gym session. 

Black Tea Lemon kissed with Ginger: She’s a staple with an unexpected zesty twist. She’s not just perfect to take for a long day playing paddle ball at the beach, but also great to hydrate with during a round of mini-golf with your friends. 

White Tea Peach kissed with Lavender: She’s a total sweetheart who just wants to help you relax after a long day. Take her with you in the basket of your beach cruiser or in your yoga bag post Sun Salutations. 

Ingredients that Make a Difference: 

Zero Sugar | 90 Cals | 1-2g Carbs

Organic Brewed Tea * Gluten-Free