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Bourbon County Stout 2020 Kentucky Fog - Goose Island Brewing Company Delivered By TapRm
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Bourbon County Stout 2020 Kentucky Fog

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We’re excited to debut our first-ever tea-inspired variant. Brewer Paul Cade brought this idea to life, inspired by his girlfriend, Martha, who prefers tea over coffee. Our Bourbon County Kentucky Fog Stout is a take on the London Fog tea drink. With that flavor profile in mind, we added Earl Grey Tea and Black Tea from Kilogram Tea, as well as clover honey from The Honey House, to make a Bourbon County Stout variant with a complexity like none before. Trust us, you’ll just have to try it.

Style: Stout - Imperial / Double

ABV: 14.1%

Format: 16.9oz Bottles

Ingredients: Early Grey Tea, Black Tea, Clover Honey, Bourbon Barrels

More Details: Barrel-Aged

Origin: Chicago, Illinois

More About: Goose Island Brewing Company