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Bourbon County Stout 2020 Anniversary - Goose Island Brewing Company Delivered By TapRm
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Bourbon County Stout 2020 Anniversary

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Anniversary Bourbon County Stout is aged for 2 years in Weller® 12-year barrels and is a special variant in 2020 to celebrate Goose Island’s 10-year tradition of releasing Bourbon County Stout on Black Friday. The Weller® brand is one of the most universally loved collections in all of bourbon—with Weller® 12-Year being one of the hardest to obtain and most sought after. Our Original Bourbon County Stout is aged in 4 to 5-year-old barrels for one year. The added age of these Weller® barrels paired with an extra year of the beer in the barrel adds stronger barrel flavors and notes of dried dark fruit. CELEBRATING TEN YEARS OF BLACK FRIDAY BOURBON COUNTY STOUT RELEASES AGED FOR 2 YEARS IN RARE WELLER 12-YEAR-OLD BARRELS

Style: Stout - Imperial / Double

ABV: 15.2%

Format: 16.9oz Bottles

Ingredients: Weller® 12-Year Bourbon Barrels

Origin: Chicago, Illinois

More About: Goose Island Brewing Company