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Bellissimo - The Virginia Beer Company Delivered By TapRm
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Bellissimo is our homage to a special type of Pilsner first introduced by Agostino Arioli, the founder of Birrificio Italiano near Lake Como, Italy.

Unlike traditional German or Czech-style Pilsners, Italian-style Pilsners are unique in that they are dry-hopped with German noble hop varieties that feature spicy, herbal, and floral aromas. Dry-hopping — which is typically reserved for IPAs — imparts hop aroma while not increasing bitterness.

Like Agostino’s famous Tipopils, Bellissimo Italian-style Pilsner is based on German malts and classic Lager yeast. Five weeks of cold conditioning results in a crisp, malt-forward Pilsner base complemented by the floral hop aromas produced by the aforementioned dry-hopping process. One of the reasons we chose the name “Bellissimo” is that we find Italian-style Pilsners to be a very beautiful take on the Pilsner style.

Most importantly, however, the name also happens to be an homage to one of our favorite spots here in Williamsburg. New York-style pizza fresh from the oven may possibly be the perfect pairing for a freshly poured Italian-style Pilsner. Find out for yourself by grabbing a slice to-go from our friends over at Bellissimo, and celebrate an abbondanza of world renowned flavors from afar freshly prepared right here in Williamsburg!

“Cin Cin” to our friends across town – we look forward to sharing a pie and a pint with you all very soon.

Style: Pilsner - Other

ABV: 5.2%

Format: 16oz Cans

Origin: Williamsburg, Virginia

More About: The Virginia Beer Company