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Arrowood Farms Variety Pack

Arrowood Farms


One of each of the 3 brews from Arrowood Farms in One Pack:

Four Green Fields (Copper Ale): Brewed with Organic Pale, Biscuit and Amber malts all grown in New York State. These grains are utilized to give this beer its rich copper hue. Lightly hopped with locally sourced Cluster and Brewers Gold, it's super smooth and goes down easy.

The Bees (Porter): Brewed with honey from our apiary on the farm – this beer has a subtle sweetness balanced with a smoky undertone from NYS smoked malts. Lightly hopped using local Chinook and U.K. Fuggles.

Farmhouse Table Beer (Mixed Culture): Truly an expression of our time and place. Brewed with New York grown barley, wheat and hopped with Cascade. Beginning its fermentation journey in stainless with a Belgian yeast, we then transfer to French oak chardonnay barrels where we pitch a wildly-cultivated yeast from our farm. Practicing patience, the beer is then allowed to age. Naturally conditioned through re-fermentation in the bottle.

Origin: Accord, NY

Content: 3x 375ml bottled-by-hand

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