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Be part of the TapRm Micro-Brewery of the Month club and gain access to exclusive craft beers from around the country. As the NY distributor for a range of exceptional breweries, we can truthfully say you won't be able to find these anywhere else. This is not the same old stuff found at your local bottleshops or supermarkets. Other than visiting each breweries actual taproom, you can only experience these hand-selected brews through our monthly subscription.

Join the club and have a unique package of select beers and breweries regularly delivered right to your door

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Your Monthly Micro-brew Package Includes:

Cicerone Selections
Each brewery and each beer is hand-selected by Cicerone trained TapRm beer buyers for quality and uniqueness.

Your monthly package often comes with awesome freebies as well from the breweries—merchandise, hats, keychains, etc.

Small Business Brews
More of each dollar spent goes back to the brewer than anywhere else, so you can take pride in supporting small brewers, their families, and their communities. 

Breweries Included in Previous Months:

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