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We empower beer and beverage innovators
by delivering access to their consumers


TapRm is focused on democratizing the beer industry through distribution, e-commerce and technology. We are building a platform that enables beer brands to reach their consumers whenever and wherever those consumers may enjoy. By providing all the tools and infrastructure, brands are allowed to focus more of their time on their amazing products and consumer connections.


We started out by building a new-age distributor in New York City connecting innovative brands with the nation’s highest quality bars, supermarkets and restaurants. Today, we are the nation’s first beer distributor providing brands a full-ecommerce solution for sales to their consumers in New York through branded websites, e-commerce fulfillment as well as providing key insights and data access to help direct-to-consumer and digitally native brands thrive.


Our greatest strength is our team. We have diverse backgrounds and skills, but we're all passionate about building a more efficient and inclusive beer infrastructure—together. As a company of owners, we are never satisfied with our results and take responsibility as a team without any excuses or blame. While we are living our big mission for the beer industry every day, we are always dreaming of new ones to follow. We are thinking of big ways to make a big difference.