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Rochester, New York

Seagram’s Escapes is the iconic flavored malt beverage loved for flavor, color and relaxation. We’re passionate about creating products that make your me-time moments extra special. With more than 15 fruit-forward flavors including our fan fave Jamaican Me Happy, Seagram’s Escapes is the beach in a bottle: just open your go-to flavor, kick back, and enjoy the tropical vibes wherever you are.  Whether you’re staying stocked up for weeknight relaxation, or you’re headed to a tailgate, BBQ, or party, our sweet and refreshing flavors are a perfect pick for those that love flavor and color. With our rainbow of options, you can always find a flavor and color to match your vibe: grab sweet Strawberry Daiquiri for a Mother’s Day treat, try our Classic Lime Margarita for St. Patrick’s Day, our bring along Jamaican Me Happy for any occasion that could use a little extra pink. At 3.2% ABV, you can enjoy Seagram’s Escapes right from the bottle, or shake things up and use them as a cocktail mixer. Try pumping up your favorite flavor with the spirit of your choice, or get creative with fishbowls, frozen slushies and jelly shots. The built-in flavor and color make Seagram’s Escapes an easy shortcut to a delicious, Insta-worthy cocktail. The options are endless and Seagram’s Escapes makes it easy to bring them all to life with flavor and color packed into every bottle

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