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Shrewsbury Lager - Ross Brewing Co Delivered By TapRm

Shrewsbury Lager

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Our flagship lager is inspired by the river that runs to the south of our hometown of Red Bank—the scenic Shrewsbury. Low in bitterness and high in malt character and complexity, the subtle use of hops makes a balanced, refreshing lager with a crisp, dry finish, perfect for drinking on a boat, a beach, a deck, or just about anywhere! Pair Shrewsbury with sausage and pork dishes, spicy jalapeños, gruyere cheeses, chicken of all kinds, barbecued meats, and nutty desserts.

Style: Lager - American Amber / Red

ABV: 5.2%

Format: 16oz Cans

Origin: Port Monmouth, New Jersey

More About: Ross Brewing Co