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Romilly Cidre Doux (Sweet) by Romilly Cidre delivered by TapRm
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Romilly Cidre Doux (Sweet)

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2018 GLINTCAP (Traditional Cider) Gold Medal, Best in Class and a Third Place overall.

This remarkable cidre tastes of full, round apples with a restrained sweetness and balanced funk. The gentle sweetness comes only from the heritage Norman apples selected with no sugar or sweeteners being added. Imagine you are standing in an orchard with a whiff of ocean breeze coming over the famed Normandy cliffs and a horse walks by. The wonderful bouquet of ripe apples and earth yield to flavors of the orchard, hints of cheese, wet hay and that horse. Boldly pair with spicy Szechuan, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian cuisines, as well desserts like apple pie, strudel and cheese.

ABV: 4.6%

Origin: Normandie, France

Content: 750mL Bottle

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