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Plan Bee Hive Membership - Plan Bee Farm Brewery Delivered By TapRm
Plan Bee Hive Membership - Plan Bee Farm Brewery Delivered By TapRm
Plan Bee Hive Membership - Plan Bee Farm Brewery Delivered By TapRm

Plan Bee Hive Membership

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All Orders Made for the Spring 2020 Hive Bundle must be placed by March 9th, more information to follow...
*Quarterly shipments of 100% NYS seasonal exclusive beer, swag and extras*

Click Here to pre-pay for a year and rest easy knowing that four quarterly shipments are coming your way!


Hive Bundle: Spring Hive Bundle (March 2020) Includes:

  • ZONE 6 - (375mL - ABV-6.0%) NY wild ale, coolship cooled and aged in oak on black currants from CurrantC farm (Staatsburg, NY) and whole quince fruit from Glorie Farms (Marlboro, NY). Tropical notes, tart and juicy.
  • COMB 2019 - (375mL - ABV-5.5%) Our annual barrel blend series, we taste and blend barrels from our cellar at the end of each year. This years blend includes 3 vintages (2017-2019) of red and white wine barrel aged wild beer. Deep complex acidity, bright as it is deep. Perhaps the most complex Comb released to date!
  • PEPPER - (375mL - ABV-5.5%) NY wild ale, coolshipped on Plan Bee's farm grown hot peppers! This years pepper varieties include jalapeno, habanero, ghost, thai chili, cherry bombs, and cayenne. Aged in oak, not on the peppers. This brings out the fresh pepper flavor without much heat on the finish.
    • BUCKBEE - (375mL - ABV-8.0%) Dark strong NY farmhouse ale brewed with buckwheat honey, malted buckwheat, roasted barley and toasted rye & oats, aged in Coppersea Distilling Rye Whiskey Barrels. Flavors of molasses and chocolate paired with orange rind acidity, rye soaked oak & char notes.
    • BARN BEER - (750mL - ABV-5.5%) NYS organic 6-row barley & organic red wheat grown @ Stone House Farms (Hudson, NY), barley malted @ Hudson Valley Malt (Germantown, NY). Hopped with Perle from Crooked Creek (Poughquag, NY) & Chinook from Chimney Bluff (Wolcott, NY). Fermented with our house mixed culture from our raw honey and honey comb on the farm (Poughkeepsie, NY). Coolship cooled and fermented in oak. Lemon/pine hop notes. Subtly tart, soft, & lemony. White oak. Juicy & satisfying, dances btw fruity & funky yeast.
    • Plan Bee logo stickers

    • Plan Bee Apple Glass with bee logo

    • Plan Bee Honey
    • $10 Gift Certificate for TapRm
    Additional Benefits for Hive Members ONLY:
    • Access to exclusive Hive ONLY bottles for additional purchase
    • Monthly Hive exclusive newsletter
    • Exclusive Hive event for members and their guests only
    • First access to Plan Bee event tickets to general public events, festivals, music events, etc.
    Origin: Poughkeepsie, NY
    More About: Plan Bee Farm Brewery