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Plan Bee Hive Membership

Plan Bee Farm Brewery


The structure for Plan Bee Hive Membership:

1. Quarterly shipments of exclusive beer, swag and extras
2. Next shipment in June 2019
3. Members get product, premiums and access to member only Plan Bee bottles on TapRm and Hive member only events

Click Here to pre-pay for a year and rest easy knowing that four quarterly shipments are coming your way!

Next Shipment Contents To Be Announced Soon!

Past (March 2019) Quarterly Package Included:

  • Pepper (375mL) - Only for Hive Members - (4.5% ABV) - All the hot peppers from our raised beds which includes jalapeno, habanero, thai, ghost, cayenne, tabasco, Caribbean hot, scotch bonnet - we added each pepper at a different time in the boil so you can pick out each one in the flavor profile!
  • Bloody (375mL) - Only for Hive Members - (7.2% ABV) - Think Bloody Mary with our farm grown heirloom tomatoes, tabasco peppers, celery, horseradish, lemon basil, lime basil, beets and Amagansett sea salt. Aged in our 'pickle' barrels - previously used to ferment our cucumber and dill sour ale.
  • Zone 6 (375mL) -  Only for Hive Members - (5.5% ABV) - wild ale coolshiped with quince from Glorie Farms (Marlboro, NY) and black currants from CurrantC farms (Staasburg, NY), super juicy, tart, bright, tropical fruit and citrus notes. 
  • Comb 2018 (750mL) -  Only for Hive Members - A blend of Wild Ales aged for 12 months in Chardonnay barrels, 8 months in Red Wine Barrels, and just a few months in Hillrock Distillery Bourbon Barrels (so the booziness doesn’t take over), its restrained acidity pairs with the prominent oaky vinous character and an understated umami funk. Each sip is like a guided tour through Plan Bee’s barrel cellar.
  • Plan Bee Bottle Bag
  • Plan Bee Coffee Cup
  • Logo Stickers
  • $25 Gift Certificate at the farm
  • $10 Gift Certificate for TapRm

Origin: Poughkeepsie, NY

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