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Sanguine - Mayflower Brewing Company Delivered By TapRm


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During these strange times, we can all use more hope and optimism. With this in mind, we brewed Sanguine, a grisette with blood orange, to help bring a smile to your face (and some relief from the heat) this summer! Grisette is a lesser known style in the farmhouse/saison family - typically low alcohol, light in body, and slightly tart. Sanguine pours a hazy orange with a tall head of foam. While enjoying, you'll pick up some pleasant farmhouse-style traits on the nose, but they are not overpowering like some saisons tend to be. In both aroma and taste, tart citrus including blood orange, lemon, and lime present subtly. The significant addition of blood orange pree, along with a dry hop of both Kazbek (CZ) and Wakatu (NZ) hops are responsible for the citrus characteristics of the beer. At only 5% and .4 plato finished gravity, this beer is refreshingly dry and the definition of "crushable". Pack it away on a hike, to the beach, out in the garden, or as your grilling sidekick and you won't be let down in your search for relief from summer's heat.

Style: Grisette

ABV: 5.7%

Format: 16oz Cans

Flavors: Blood Orange, Lemon, Lime, Wakatu Hops, Kazbek Hops

Origin: Plymouth, Massachusetts, MA

More About: Mayflower Brewing Company