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Dimensional Doorway

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You find yourself on a bitter, tasteless plane—a realm where flavor is lost and all taste buds weep. You ponder “How did I get here?” “Is there any hope?” but then you realize, everything is going to be just fine because you have a can of Dimensional Doorway. With a quick pull of the tab and a “psscht” you open the doorway to a tropical new dimension. A happy place where juicy, fruity, hoppy goodness stimulates the senses like brite waves of lemony sunshine.⁣ Dimensional Doorway is a 6.3% ABV hoppy wheat double dry-hopped with Citra and Hallertau Amarillo. This German variant of Amarillo is a seriously fresh gateway to a yuzu & guava paradise. ⁣

Style: Wheat Beer - Other

ABV: 6.3%

Format: 16oz Cans

Ingredients: Wheat, Citra Hops, Hallertau Amarillo Hops

Origin: Pennsauken Township, New Jersey

More About: Double Nickel Brewing Company