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Collection: Aurochs Brewing Company

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Emsworth, PA

Over the last 7 years, Aurochs Brewing Company has grown in size, scale and capability. They brew over 40 styles of naturally gluten free craft beer available on rotating draft, sell four different styles in 12oz cans, distribute to 46 counties in Pennsylvania and are set to expand outside of the state this year. Aurochs has won multiple national brewing awards including medals at the Great American Beer Festival, the US Open Beer Championships and top gluten free beer in the USA Today Readers Poll for 'Best Gluten Free Beer'.
All of their ingredients are sourced gluten free. Their ingredients are then sent for independent testing to ensure there was no cross contamination in packing or transit. They do not use anything at our facility that tests above 5ppm. Even the employee lunches are required to be gluten free. They take their beer and their gluten free integrity very seriously.

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