Why our Pops n' Hops Pack is the Perfect Father's Day Gift

In our humble opinion, nothing says, “I care” like beer. Maybe we’re biased, but think about it: a thoughtfully curated mix-pack can treat someone you love to their favorites and open them up to new soon-to-be favorites, too. That’s why we put a lot of time into creating the ultimate 12-pack for Father’s Day, the Pops n’ Hops Pack. This group ranges from irresistibly easy-drinking lagers to long-loved IPAs to brand new, cutting edge brews. There’s a beer in here for every kind of day, whether the dad in your life needs to unwind after work or celebrate some family time on a Saturday. That’s why we can’t think of a better gift. To find out what Dad would get to drink from this pack, here’s the scoop on each beer included.

Mayflower Brewing Company Ottobahn Helles Lager

Talk about a crowd-pleaser. Whatever beer Dad prefers, he’ll like the Ottobahn Helles Lager. This style was developed in nineteenth century Germany to compete with the soft and round yet crisp and clean Czech pilsner. So, the Helles lager has some of those components -- namely, crispness and cleanness -- but it’s a bit more layered. Mayflower’s version nails that balance of simplicity and complexity, with just a hint of sweetness from pilsner, Vienna, and Munich malts, and subtle floral and spice notes from German Hallertau and Tettnang hops. This beer is so straightforward and refreshing, yet just intriguing enough, that it might be Dad’s new favorite.


Bells Brewery Two Hearted Ale

This is that “iconic hits” part of the mixtape. The Two Hearted Ale IPA from Bells Brewery is revered as one of the flagships of craft beer as we know it today. An earlier iteration first appeared back in the 1980s, one of the first American craft styles to stray from the mass-produced lager course. Over the years, its balance of maltiness and piney, citrusy hop bitterness has garnered it a cult following, from writers who wax poetic about it to travelers who visit Michigan just to seek it out from its original source. This brew is a delicious bit of history any dad will enjoy.


Coronado Brewing Company Leisure Lagoon Hazy Pale Ale

East and West Coast styles meet in Coronado’s Leisure Lagoon Hazy Pale Ale, so it’s a safe bet whether Dad loves a clean and bitter West Coast pale or a juicy and hazy East Coaster. This brew is the best of both worlds, balancing hop bitterness with the tropical fruitiness of its London III yeast. This is also a great way to introduce Pops to the hazy IPA craze if he’s not already in the mix. It’s got that cloudy appeal with a nice, full-bodied finish, but it’s not as bold as, say, a triple dry-hopped double IPA. 


Sloop Brewing Company Juice Bomb IPA

If we were to look at this as a course in modern IPA evolution, Sloop’s Juice Bomb IPA would be a natural next step after the Leisure Lagoon. Without any crazy additions or adjuncts, the Juice Bomb is a showcase for hop flavors, and it’s still delightfully easy drinking. Because the hop additions are made late in the brew, citrusy, resiny hop elements shine through without much bitterness. It’s proof you can have this whole bouquet of different notes, along with a more full-bodied beer, and still be totally refreshed, enough so that this could be the perfect beer for a hot summer day. 

Little Blind Deep Learning Unfiltered Double IPA

After embracing classic iterations of hoppy, hazy styles, Dad will love the wild hop ride of Little Blind’s Deep Learning. A good mixtape has iconic hits and under-the-radar gems to discover, and we think that applies to a good mix-pack, too. Just as important as remembering why the classics are the classics is exploring all the cool and exciting new things that brewers are currently up to. This double IPA is unfiltered, so it has more body and even more hop and yeast flavor. It’s made with the popular Citra hop -- which is citrusy and floral with passion fruit, grapefruit, lychee, and lime notes -- three ways: T-90 pellets, INCOGNITO™, and CRYO® LupuLN2 Powder. With all those hop forms, this brew is especially perfect if Dad is a little bit of a nerd for science.


Industrial Arts Brewing Company Tools of the Trade Extra Pale Ale

The Tools of the Trade Extra Pale Ale is the kind of beer you can drink all day, but that doesn’t it mean it skimps on the flavor. About as far from a watery mainstream lager as you can get, this pale ale is citrusy and snappy, proving how interesting simplicity can be. There’s enough flavor and aroma to demonstrate why this beer is special, but all those elements are thoughtfully measured to keep this brew effortless and refreshing. It’s a welcome update on giving Pops actual tools for Father’s Day -- he’ll probably enjoy this a lot more.

Night Shift Brewing Nite Lite Lager

Then there’s the Nite Lite Lager from Night Shift, which is a revelation in how a light lager doesn’t have to come from Big Beer, and, it doesn’t have to taste like nothing! We know, that’s a lot to take in, but stay with us because this beer is worth having your mind blown. The Nite Lite is a great beer if Dad thinks he hasn’t been sold on craft beer yet, because it shows how much better a simple, classic style can be when it’s made by a craft brewery. It’s just as great if Dad is a craft beer fanatic who thinks a light lager can’t be good, because it turns out that when a craft brewery applies their refined brewing techniques and ingredient knowledge, even the most straightforward beer style can really pop. Nite Lite is unfiltered and unpasteurized, so you get a drinkable, refreshing grain sweetness and a clean crispness that’s got a little more body and a lot more flavor.


Barrier Brewing Money IPA

Barrier’s Money IPA is a craft beer lover’s favorite. It’s an especially well executed take on the West Coast IPA, updating the style’s famous profile of citrusy and piney, resiny bitterness with the somewhat sweeter fruitiness of a New England IPA. The result is a whole lot of flavor in a very drinkable form. As such a well-balanced burst of flavor demonstrating the different notes hops can deliver -- from tropical fruits to herbal earthiness -- it’s no wonder that Barrier keeps Money in rotation. It’s either already a favorite of Dad’s or it’s about to be.


Get Dad clued in to the one of the most exciting new brands in beer: EBBS. EBBS is all about stripping away the bells and whistles to zero in on what makes a beer truly great. All that eagle-eyed attention and drive to narrow a recipe down to the absolute best ingredients results in shining examples of different beer styles. The first is their IPA, IPA No. 1, to be precise. It’s the IPA, perfected. A mix of barley, wheat, and oats creates a drinkable yet lush quality of body and depth, and EBBS used a blend of hops to achieve a juicy, floral character.


Mikkeller Brewing Proper Pint Stout

For the fathers who dream of whiling away the afternoon in a Dublin pub with a perfectly poured pint o’ the dark stuff, Mikkeller’s Proper Pint is a refreshingly modern interpretation. Recognizing that the dry Irish stout has been beloved for generations, Mikkeller doesn’t mess with a good thing; the brewery merely perfects the beer style’s recipe with its own hyper tuned-in panache. They actually replicated Dublin water to get that flavor just right. Dublin water is why the Irish stout is so legendary -- it’s rich in bicarbonates and requires dark malts to balance the pH it creates so it’s not too alkaline for fermentation to happen. The resulting combination is the taste we all, including Pops, love, and it’s one Mikkeller has canned for an instant Irish vacation.


Sunday Beer Company Light+Tight Anytime Lager Beer

Speaking of literal beer names, Sunday Beer Company’s Light+Tight Anytime Lager is great, well, any time. The brewery specifically set out to make a beer that’s light, refreshing, crisp, and low in alcohol. It’s meant to be crushed on afternoons with friends and family, meaning Pops can enjoy this from barbecues to the beach. Light+Tight is brewed with pilsner malt and Hallertau hops, so there are elements of bready grain and floral spiciness to its otherwise clean, straightforward profile. We have a feeling Dad will want a six-pack of these after trying one, to make for one of those kick-back-in-a-hammock summer weekends.


Lawsons Finest Liquids Sip of Sunshine IPA

The Sip of Sunshine IPA is another brew that falls into that sweet spot between revered craft beer icon and perennially fresh, contemporary trendsetter. In other words, this brew is always sought after and one that inspires other beer makers. It’s packed with hops and all their wonderful flavors, from herbaceous to floral with a ton of fruit along the way. In fact, this sweet and bitter-balanced IPA is so packed with tropical fruit aromas and flavors, it’s basically a dream beer for the summer. The “sip of sunshine” is kind of literal, to be honest -- whenever Dad drinks this, he’ll feel like he’s on holiday.


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