What Some of Our Favorite Brands are Drinking for Spring

Every year since the dawn of time (or something, probably), spring has meant freedom, new life, sunshine, and getting the heck outside. Remember sitting in your classroom in elementary school trying to concentrate, when all you could do was stare out the window at sun and greenery you hadn’t seen in months? That feeling really doesn’t go away even when you’re a boring grown-up. In fact, thanks to patio beers, hiking beers, barbecue beers, and so on, we’d argue spring is even more exciting now. 

That only feels extra heightened in our current pandemic reality. Springtime offers the possibility of actually leaving the house, because it’s both warm enough to do so, and safer to do things in the open air. Spring this year means (albeit masked and exceptionally careful) brewery visits. It means sitting at least six feet away from your BFF in a park or backyard. It means you can take a break from staring at the wall. It means living, frankly. And all of those activities pair just so perfectly with a beer. Or a hard seltzer. Or a hard tea, or a hard kombucha, or a hard cider. The possibilities are endless and the hours of light are longer. Let’s get cheers-in’ to the new season (that’s as close to a rhyme as we could get--who cares, it’s SPRING). 

To kick things off, we looked to the pro’s. We’re letting some of our favorite brands be our guides: what are they reaching for this spring? Take it from them for some inspiration that will totally freshen up your adult beverage game, which is a much more fun thing to spring-clean than that hall closet you haven’t opened in three years--that sounds like a December-you problem, tbh.


Jackalope Brewing Company: Lovebird Strawberry Raspberry Wheat Beer

For Jackalope’s Marketing Director, Lisa Peterson, Lovebird signifies the start of spring. 

“Every March, we celebrate the release of Lovebird with ‘Lovefest’ at our taproom in Nashville, and it is a celebration of spring, warm weather, and all of the things we love! The abundance of strawberries and raspberries married with wheat in each batch of Lovebird results in a light yet flavorful brew. The fruit adds a tartness and berry aroma (as well as a slightly pink color), while the wheat gives it a velvety base.”

With the refreshing crispness of a wheat beer plus the sweet, tart berries here, we can’t imagine a more refreshing and spring-perfect beer for sunny-day sipping. Even Jackalope’s signature can art here is a burst of bright, springy color. 


 Kombrewcha: Berry Hibiscus

Something about a drink that’s as light and refreshing as it is delicious and nuanced just feels like a spring must. Anything from Kombrewcha fits the bill, but the brand’s team has a particular favorite this season.

Berry Hibiscus is the most sessionable selection for the spring season—the simple and sweet combination of berry and hibiscus for a wonderfully tart taste with a dry finish. At 4.4% ABV, it’s perfectly suited for picnics in the park or backyard hangs around a firepit.”

Just thinking about that blend of fruity and floral has us grabbing our sunscreen for a relaxing afternoon in the park.


Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers: Dry-Hopped Post Shift Pils

“Usually this question isn't for me, as I'm a cold weather addict and constantly running away to the mountains to play in ice and snow,” says Joe Connolly, the Director of Springdale Beer Co., an offshoot of Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers. “But this year I'm pining for pints with friends and colleagues on patios, and nothing says spring to me like a towering, foam-laden pint of golden lager from Jack's Abby. I'll take a...Post Shift Pils, or a Hoponious Union... but let it be poured tall at a table with a crew!”

A hearty cheers to that. We are soundly with Joe on being more excited than ever to toast friends and sunshine on a patio or in a backyard, and to sip something as clean, fresh, crushable, and classic as the Post Shift Pils.


 Japas Cervejaria: Matsurika Pilsner

Matsurika = spring, says the Japas team, and we couldn’t agree more. Just look at that swoon-worthy can with its bright, pretty florals, and you’ve instantly got spring fever. And that’s before you’ve even cracked this refresher.

As Japas founders Maíra Kimura, Yumi Shimada, and Fernanda Ueno point out, Matsurika actually has flowers brewed right in: it’s a soft, clean, pitch-perfect pilsner turned into an ode to the art of Japanese tea. Matsurika is a Japanese tea made using jasmine petals, so the Japas crew added jasmine petals right into this pilsner for a beautiful, delicate, fragrant beer that isn’t just delicious and easy-drinking, but also a sippable form of spring’s new blooms and fresh everything.


 Nectar Hard Seltzer: Asian Pear

Spring is just the time to try new things, but it’s also a great time to revive old favorites. Combine the two with Asian Pear Hard Seltzer from Nectar. Nectar takes the light, crisp, refreshing hard seltzer you know and love, elevates it with dedicated ingredient sourcing and quality, and then reinvigorates it with Asian ingredients that seriously open up a world of flavor possibility for this bubbly beverage. 

Nectar co-founder Jeremy Kim picked Asian Pear especially for spring because it’s both mild and crisp, a perfect balance that translates to a dream of a sipper for your new-season, outdoor imbibing routine. From stoop hangs to hikes, it might truly be impossible to think of an occasion that doesn’t pair with this beaut.


 Moody Tongue Brewing Company: Steeped Emperor’s Lemon Saison

Few beer styles shout “spring!” louder and better than a saison. Traditionally, this farmhouse ale was brewed at the start of winter in southern Belgium, conditioned, and readied for farm workers to cool down with when the temperatures started rising. Its very existence signals the start of sunny, warmer weather, and fittingly, its blend of clean graininess, bright citrus, and spice is designed to refresh.

Moody Tongue Brewmaster Jared Rouben picks the brewery’s Steeped Emperor’s Lemon Saison for springtime drinking, and it’s truly an irresistible version of the season-perfect style. The lemon really shines through with lovely aromatics, and this brew pairs harmoniously with fare you just want to dig into in warmer weather, like light seafood dishes or lemon meringue pie.


 MAKKU: Mango & Passion Fruit

If you really want to jumpstart your routine for spring in a way that feels totally fresh, what better way than with a whole new kind of drink you might have never had before? Makgeolli is an unfiltered rice beer, smooth, hazy, just a little sweet, and effervescent. Korea’s oldest alcoholic beverage, MAKKU is now helping makgeolli make serious waves here in the States with an attention to detail, high quality ingredients, irresistible flavors, and modern-cool branding.

Mark Lee of MAKKU says the mango variety of MAKKU is just perfect for spring, and we second how cracking open a can of MAKKU Mango is like cracking into a mental tropical vacation, just as we’re all making more time to enjoy the outdoors. In more exciting recommendations, Mark reveals the upcoming Passion Fruit addition to the MAKKU flavor lineup, happening right in time for all this festive and delicious springtime imbibing. Stay tuned to TapRm to catch Passion Fruit MAKKU the moment it hits the site. 


 Lunar: Yuzu Sour

When you think of spring, you think of everything in bloom, and thanks to Lunar, you can specifically dream of the blossoming season of yuzu, a bright, beautiful, mouthwatering Asian citrus fruit. Lunar celebrates Asian flavors with its craft hard seltzer creating bold yet crushable and super refreshing sippers that just explode with balanced fruitiness. 

Yuzu trees finish blooming early April, says Lunar co-founder Kevin Wong, so he and fellow co-founder Sean Ro have been celebrating the end of the yuzu blossom season with--fittingly--Lunar’s yuzu variety. In addition to enjoying it on its own, the team has also created a “very refreshing Yuzu Sour to kick off the spring season.” They shared the recipe so you can make your own.


  • 1½ oz. shochu
  • 6 oz. Lunar Yuzu hard seltzer
  • 1/4 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp Korean citron tea marmalade (optional)
  • Lemon slice, for garnish

Step 1: Fill a glass with crushed ice. 

Step 2: Combine shochu and Yuzu Lunar by pouring down the side of the glass.

Step 3: Add Korean citron tea and lemon juice and mix well.

Step 4: Garnish with a lemon slice and serve immediately.


 Owl’s Brew TK Cocktail

What’s better than a springtime afternoon spent sipping a fragrant iced tea on the porch? May we suggest a springtime afternoon spent sipping a fragrant hard tea on the porch? 

Owl’s Brew captures the simple perfection of beautiful, aromatic tea and demonstrates how the magic of tea’s flavors, on their own without any extra or fake ingredients, create such a game-changing canvas for an adult beverage. Considering how light, refreshing, and unique the Owl’s Brew hard teas are, we have a feeling you’ll want to try all their varieties and make them part of your spring and summer (okay, probably fall and winter, too, honestly) repertoire. Luckily, it’s easy to do so. Just take the Owl’s Brew team’s own advice, and treat yourself to the ParTea Pack #2. It features two Owl’s Brew hits--Matcha, Chamomile, & Pineapple, and white Tea, Raspberry, & Watermelon--along with the exciting add of the brand’s latest flavor, Jasmine1, Blueberry, & Lemon.

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