Welcome to the Neighborhood: New Brands on TapRm You’re Going to Love

One of our favorite things about, well, being TapRm is that we’re growing every day. It’s a big, beautiful world of beer, hard seltzer, hard tea, hard lemonade, hard kombucha, canned cocktails, wine spritzers--okay, you probably get the picture--out there, and we’re constantly representing more and more of that world. Not to lose any cool points, but it’s honestly a thrill each time we get to welcome another brand onto our platform, where we can share that brand with our audience and continue to geek out over all things beverage.

What this all equals, too, is variety, which, as you know, is indeed the spice of life! That means both literal, liquid variety, where there is something truly for everyone and every taste. It also means a diverse community of brand founders and category trailblazers. What a time to be alive and over 21, right?

So, on that note, we thought it would be fun to start making a habit of rounding up the newest kids on the block and throwing a little meet-and-greet here on the blog. Starting here and starting now--drumroll, please--here are some of the latest TapRm family members that we are so excited for you to get excited about.


Take Five Hard Seltzer

Take Five’s whole ethos revolves around the fact that we humans do amazing things, and are on long, incredible journeys, so we all deserve to, ya know, take five. And that doesn’t mean waiting for those PTO days. It means letting yourself breathe right now, and savoring this very moment, which is even easier and better with a delicious and refreshing adult beverage. 

Take Five really and truly stands out in the hard seltzer category, if not the category of all beverages ever. It’s guilt-free indulgence: the seltzers are gluten-free, only 5% ABV, 100 calories, sugar-free, low-carb, naturally flavored, and vegan-friendly. It even gives back--Take Five partners with Concern Worldwide, an organization that fights extreme poverty. As we all know, things taste even better when they actually make a difference. Go ahead and get to know Take Five with this variety pack, featuring their four flavors: Lemon Lime, Mango, Cherry, and Cranberry Raspberry.


Jackalope Brewing Company

Back in the fall of 2020, we got to know Jackalope a little better via this fun interview with CEO and co-founder Bailey Spaulding. Jackalope is a consistently exciting brewery in Nashville, Tennessee that opened in 2011. It’s directly contributed to the growth and success of Nashville’s craft beer scene--not just with its own reputation but through advocating for law changes--and alongside its roster of core, flagship beers that fans know and love, the Jackalope team continues to innovate with super creative limited releases, too. We’re as pleased as punch to welcome Jackalope back into the TapRm fold with some of their best beers.


Coastal Spritz

Why go postal when you can go Coastal? Sorry, we couldn’t resist. (If you love our catchphrases, hey, have your people call our people.) Seriously, though, we’ll be going Coastal all summer, and frankly, all year long now that this brand’s unique beverages are available on TapRm. Coastal Spritz launched in 2018 and ever since, they’ve been proving that they have truly perfected the art of refreshment. They make 5% ABV wine spritzes in 12-ounce cans, sourcing high-quality wine from vineyards in Washington State’s Columbia Valley. Coastal has invented genius mixes of wines and fruit flavors, too, achieved with real fruit juice and a touch of monk fruit for just the right amount of sweetness. Somehow, all that perfection comes at 100 calories and less than five grams of sugar, plus the varieties are gluten-free and non-GMO.

The start of summer is the ideal time to get acquainted with Coastal Spritz. What will you take to your next park hang or barbecue or perhaps just the couch after a Zoom meeting marathon: Rosé, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, or Sauvignon Blanc spritzes? Or Rosé in Watermelon, or Pineapple? The variety pack is probably a good place to start your decision-making process.


Great South Bay Brewery

Great South Bay Brewery is an innovation machine. This brewery creates beautifully executed versions of classic beer styles that become fixtures for fans, like session IPAs and blonde ales. Then, the team also invents fun, delicious, and inspired riffs, like lagers with vanilla, cinnamon, and maple syrup. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, they add Tipsy Tea hard teas to the mix, as well as hard seltzers in bright, bold flavors. Basically, this is your brewery whether you like staples you always know will deliver or you like to constantly explore new things--or, even better, both. 

Great South Bay is named for 151 square miles of saltwater off the south shore of Long Island. It’s peaceful and chill, and also home to 85 species of fish. It’s also a popular destination for different activities and all kinds of friend and family hangouts, which really captures the vibe of Great South Bay and all of its products. You can take these beers, teas, or seltzers to a dreamy weekend locale, or you can crack one open to channel that atmosphere wherever you are.


Owl’s Brew

You may have had hard tea before, but we’re willing to bet not like Owl’s Brew. Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield are bona fide, professional tea experts, curators and creators of tea programming for New York hotspots. They wanted to combine their tea passion and knowledge with their love of cocktails. In creating Owl’s Brew, Jennie and Maria celebrate how complex, delicious, unique, and heavenly tea is all on its own. It’s a natural drink with thousands of years of history under its belt, and happens to be the most consumed beverage in the world after water. Why mess with a good thing and add flavors or chemicals? The naturally existing flavors and aromas in tea are a beautiful canvas for different spirits, Jennie and Maria reason, and demonstrate with their irresistible beverage varieties, from Matcha to Darjeeling Tea with Hibiscus and Strawberry. 

Owl’s Brew also makes a difference in the business world. They created an initiative called Wise Women that pushes for greater inclusion and diversity in the beverage and business scenes through mentoring other women. Drink to that with the Owl’s Brew ParTea Pack #1 or ParTea Pack #2.


Walker Brothers High Gravity Kombucha 

“What if we could combine the probiotic benefits of traditional kombucha with the communal, sharing culture around craft beer?” brothers Sam and Luke Walker wondered, according to a Walker Brothers profile on Edible Nashville. Sam and Luke loved craft beer, but wanted something that made them feel better, physically and beyond. Something with the restorative, rejuvenating nature of kombucha. They started experimenting with a SCOBY from their aunt and by 2018, they launched Walker Brothers with Ginger and Cucumber Melon flavors. They continued to add to their flavor portfolio, taking a craft brewing approach, experimenting with hops and yeast, and sourcing organic, often local ingredients.

Three years in and Walker Brothers is a family operation still just as focused on quality, experimentation, health and happiness, and environmentally friendly processes. The brand pushes hard kombucha even further into the mainstream, proving its versatility, its ease of pairing with different food and occasions, its flavor and aroma potential, and its crowd-pleasing accessibility. You can explore the fruity and the hoppy ends of the spectrum on TapRm with Ginger, Watermelon Lime, and Citra Hops varieties.


SolSet Hard Seltzer 

“College you” drank Gatorade the morning after a bar hop to get some electrolytes back in your body. “Now you” just drinks SolSet. See how good it is to do this growing and improving thing?

Electrolytes are essential minerals that our bodies need for lots of vital functions--you can read more about them here. When we get dehydrated, we don’t have electrolytes, and we feel like crud. SolSet is a new, exciting brand that has not only elevated hard seltzer, but has really elevated the entire act of imbibing. By making the world’s first organic electrolyte hard seltzer, SolSet has created a drinking experience that’s delicious and refreshing and is also nourishing your body. SolSet Hard Seltzer is also made with antioxidant Vitamin C, plus it’s gluten-free and keto-friendly, 4.5% ABV, 100 calories, and has 1 gram of sugar and 1 gram of carbs. We don’t know how they made an adult beverage must-have with so much to offer, but we’re glad they did. Experience SolSet flavors Black Cherry, Lime Zest, Ruby Red Grapefruit, and Tropical Citrus with this variety pack.


Jiant Hard Kombucha

Last year, just a year after Jiant launched in SoCal in 2019, Hop Culture said the brand makes the “ideal beginner hard kombucha.” That doesn’t mean Jiant’s kombucha is beginner-made, far from it. It means that it’s so delightful and approachable that it’s perfect for those who’ve yet to try any hard kombucha. One sip and you’ll probably be hooked. Oh, and Jiant is also great for seasoned hard kombucha enthusiasts, too.

That’s because of the painstaking attention to detail, creative flavors, and responsibly sourced ingredients that Jiant founders Aaron Telch and Larry Haertel Jr. insist upon. Jiant’s alcoholic fermented teas are so bright and so refreshing, and they come in flavors that honestly, we don’t how you’d resist trying. Think combos like Coffee & Blueberry, Guava & Mint, Grapefruit & Hibiscus, an Passion Fruit & Elderflower. We’re feeling refreshed just thinking about these varieties. Why not enjoy some of that range with this variety pack?


Sixpoint Brewery 

Words like “trailblazer” and “trendsetter” get thrown around a lot, but Sixpoint Brewery deserves every distinction. Sixpoint was founded in Brooklyn in 2004, and while it might be hard to imagine now, New York City was a craft brewery desert at the time. Laws that make it easier to run a brewery in NYC had yet to pass. But that didn’t stop Sixpoint from starting to brew in Red Hook, from experimenting with all kinds of ingredients and flavors, and from wowing drinkers with consistently great iterations of essential beer styles.

That balance of classic and innovative thrives on Sixpoint today; if anything, it’s stronger. It’s also best represented in the range of options TapRm is thrilled to now host on our site. You can pick up Sixpoint brews that have become icons in beer, ones that other breweries seek to match in quality, like the Resin IPA and The Crisp Pilsner. But you can also be among the first to try Sixpoint’s new inventions, like the Spritzer Bomb Hazy DIPA and the Party Poppers Hard Seltzer. Try the hard seltzers with this variety pack or get to know some of the beers here.



We’ve gushed a bit about MAKKU before--like here and here. But considering the brand is forging the path for a completely fresh drink category here in the U.S., can you blame us for being excited to work with them? 

Founded by Carol Pak after a trip to Korea, MAKKU applies creativity, thoughtfulness, and craft production to makgeolli, Korea’s oldest alcoholic beverage. It’s kind of like rice beer, but it’s also really its own unique little wonder. Made from rice, water, and a traditional fermentation starter called nuruk, makgeolli is roughly filtered, resulting in a rice beer that has some body, creaminess, fizzy carbonation, tartness, and sweetness. It really has it all, and it’s perfectly harmonized.

MAKKU’s makgeolli comes in Original, Blueberry, Mango, and Passion Fruit flavors. Trying them all is a must, and you can do it with this variety pack. Just don’t forget to shake your can before enjoying!


Similarly, we’ve raved about Lunar. Put it this way: TapRm gets to be like a proud grandma bragging about all our grandkids, which are actually kickass, inspiring, unique, creative brands. Lunar is no exception.

You can do some deeper reading on Lunar, which we highly recommend, here and here. Kevin Wong and Sean Ro wanted to create a hard seltzer that celebrated Asian ingredients in the best possible way, sourcing these elements from where they’re grown in places like Thailand and Japan; and seltzer that could pair with Asian dishes. Lunar hard seltzer recognizes and includes the Asian and Asian American imbiber and welcomes everyone to the table with an incredibly accessible, approachable, delicious craft product.

Yuzu, Lychee, and Plum are all just bursting with incredible flavor you can’t get from just any hard seltzer. Experience them together in this variety pack.

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