Valentine's Day 2019 Packs

We're sure it's already on your radar but just as a friendly reminder, Valentine's Day in February 14 (that's next Thursday, gents). Because every good holiday - especially the romantic ones - deserves delicious beers, the TapRm team has assembled three packs of brews that will set your holiday off right. Make sure to get your orders in by the morning of Tuesday, February 12, to guarantee delivery by Valentine's Day! To show our love for all of you, we've made all three packs eligible for free shipping.

Valentine’s Day can be a complicated holiday and, we at TapRm, understand that. That’s why we’ve put together an all-encompassing pack of craft beer to capture the extremes of February 14th. In the Bittersweet Love pack you’ll find some of our most bitter Ales countered by TapRm’s sweetest selections. Can’t decide which end of the love spectrum you’ll want to spend this year’s Valentine’s Day? How about both!


 Lithology Brewing Co. - L.B. IPA

 12 Gates Brewing Company - West Coast Style IPA

 Champion Brewing Company - Missile IPA

 GoodLife Brewing Company Comatose Imperial IPA

 Cerveza Mexicana Colibre - Mexican Pale Ale


 Plan Bee Farm Brewery - Royal Jelly Wild Ale

 Champion Brewery Company - Wheeze the Juice IPA

 GoodLife Brewing Company - Sweet As! Pacific Ale

 Artisanal Brew Works - Peach in the Glasses

 Lithology Brewing Co. - Naming Rights Dark Saison

 Nicaragua Craft Beer Company - Panga Drops Keller Pilsner

GALentine's Day Female Brewers Pack

Valentine’s Day is that special time of year when you show your significant other how much you love them. At TapRm, we’re in love with a slew of craft beer, but on this special day we want to recognize the female leaders among our TapRm Brewery Partners. Those titans of craft beer are Celeste at Harlem Brewing Company in New York City, Emily at Plan Bee Farm Brewery in Poughkeepsie, and Robin at Monkless Belgian Ales in Bend, Oregon. The GALentine’s Day pack offers twelve beers from those three breweries across a range of brewing styles. Support female-run breweries and feel free to fall in love with their beer!

 Harlem Brewing Company Sugar Hill Golden Ale (x2)

 Harlem Brewing Company Renaissance Wit (x2)

 Harlem Brewing Company 125th Street IPA (x2)

 Plan Bee Farm Brewery Stock Ale (Single Malt)

 Plan Bee Farm Brewery Barn Beer Wild Ale

 Monkless Capitulation Belgian Dry Hop Tripel (x2)

 Monkless Peppercorn Imperial Wit (x2)

Tall, Dark, & Handsome Pack

Whether your special someone on Valentine’s Day is your partner or just a delicious craft beer (or both), we know a romantic evening calls for a dark and mysterious brew. These five dark beers cross a range of brewing styles but they all have one thing in common, smooth deep flavor. Whether you like your dark beers bitter, sweet, or fruity - the Tall, Dark, & Handsome Pack has five of TapRm’s most embracing selections. Enjoy Valentine’s Day with a Tall, Dark, & Handsome brew, in hand!

 Lithology Brewing Co - Naming Rights Dark Saison

 Bullfrog Brewery - Le Roar Grrrz Black Raspberry

 12 Gates Brewing Company - Coffee Porter

 Arrowood Farms - The Bees Porter

 Departed Soles Brewing Company - A Dark Night Black IPA (GF)

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