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The Beer Problem TapRm Solved

Welcome to the TapRm Newsletter!

Please hang around to learn a whole lot more about beer generally as well as in depth exclusives with our brewery partners. Sometimes, I may even give away some cool stuff if you're paying attention :)


  1. Small breweries can't sell online.
  2. Laws make that impossible.
  3. Until TapRm.

I am going to begin by giving you a little background on the problem we are trying to solve here at TapRm. Some of this can be found in our About Us Page, but it's the most important part of TapRm and why the team here gets up each and every morning. So I am going to mention it again.

If you've ever gone to a micro-craft brewery or had a great beer in a restaurant or bar that you've never had before, you may ask someone, "Where can I find this beer? Is it available online?" Or maybe you just go on Amazon to see if you can find it there. Either way, the answer is almost always, "No its not available online and I don't know where else it is sold." Especially if the beer is a true craft beer from a real small business. Most waiters or bar tenders will probably just shrug.

Why is that? Due to some very old and archaic laws, the only beers found online are ones from large breweries with big distribution footprints (i.e. Sam Adams or Budweiser). Why is that? In almost every state, small breweries CANNOT sell online directly. To sell online they need to first sell to a distributor. THEN, the distributor needs to sell to a local bottleshop or convenient store. THEN, the convenient store needs to have a website and do delivery. THEN, you may be can find the beer on their website if you live within that convenient stores delivery window.

That works real well if you are in every convenient store in the country (i.e. Sam Adams and Budweiser), but your local micro-brewery doesn't have that kind of distribution.

Enter TapRm. We are helping small brewers without a million distributors deliver to your door. We find the best micro-breweries that were too small to reach people online and deliver their beer to anyone who ever asked "Where can I find this beer? Is it available online?"

Lots more to come over the next few months on this subject. In the meantime, you'll learn lots about our new breweries and beer styles (cause they are really really confusing).





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