TapRm Cold Beer Store Launch Event

We did it everyone. We finally did it. We opened the first ever TapRm Cold Beer Store, our first brick-and-mortar beer store located across from Brooklyn’s Navy Yard. Every beer you find online is now available for pick-up. You can even order ahead of time online and we’ll have it waiting for you at the front. If you ask nicely, we’ve also got kegs, tubs, pumps, and ice for your bigger parties.

TapRm Cold Beer Store Beer Shelf

We had a launch party last Friday and shockingly, we had to turn people away at the door for fear that the fire marshal would shut us down. Good problem for sure. Thanks to all our local friends, neighbors, partners and (potential) investors who made it out. We’ll nbe having many more events, so send an email to retail@taprm.com and Graham will add you to our mailing list. Little secret – by being on the TapRm CBS mailing list you also get lifetime free shipping from anything you order online.

TapRm Cold Beer Store Checkout Area

Come stop by and say hello. We’d love to meet you and are regularly doing tastings, so you can try all the beers we’re bringing into NY for the first time. Another little secret – all the beers with red price tags in the store we source directly and exclusively from our brewery partners, so you can only get those beers from TapRm. For those of you who have been, please leave us a review on Yelp or Google.

We’re looking at opening two more in Manhattan soon. Stay tuned.

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