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TapRm Blog

  • Brewer Spotlight - Celeste of Harlem Brewing Company

    Celeste Beatty of Harlem Brewing is next up in the TapRm Brewer Spotlight series. Surprisingly, she's the first brewer based in New York City to be featured but NYC isn't the only banner she flies high. The brewery's namesake, the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, is a rich part of every one of Celeste's brews. Despite other female led brewery partners at TapRm, Celeste is the only of them that's the actual brewer and, though she'd be quick to tell you all about the history of Harlem and those that came before her, she is well on her way to cementing a lasting craft beer legacy in the neighborhood.
  • Brewer Spotlight - Jason of GoodLife Brewing

    The third installment of our Brewer Spotlight series highlights Jason Stuwe, the co-owner and managing partner of GoodLife Brewing Company out of Bend, Oregon. Life in Bend is a life lived outdoors and the adventurous ales that are brewed up by the Central Oregon brewery enhance the “Good Life!” The brewery’s initial offerings on TapRm will include the Descender IPA, the Comatose Imperial IPA, and the crown jewel of GoodLife: Sweet As! Pacific Ale - a back to back Gold medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival in 2017 and 2018!