Pallet. Forklift. Sixtel. Coupler.

"Prior to joining TapRm, I had long considered myself a diehard fan of craft beer: IPAs, porters, pilsners, sours, stouts, saisons, dunkels, doppelbocks. I had tried them all and loved the experience of discovering new, delicious beers. Yet, across my time as a beer consumer, none of the bolded words in the title above were part of my beer vocabulary. Each time I had received a fresh pint from across the bar, I hadn’t considered the various steps that went into making that beer available to me. That was all to change.

I was quickly impressed by the logistical feats that go into satisfying the beer drinkers of a city the size of New York. Whether it’s kegs, cases, or bottles, TapRm delivers across four boroughs on a weekly basis (we’ll be coming for you soon enough Staten Island). This requires tight organization, but most importantly, a committed team. I’ve been fortunate to work with a wonderful group of devoted beer lovers who are thrilled to provide exceptional beer to New Yorkers. Through our time together, we’ve each learned an entirely new skillset and gained a greater appreciation for the beer industry. Let me give you a quick peek behind the scenes.

An average delivery day begins early, as the team reviews the orders and prepares various beers to go to their new homes. That often means maneuvering through the warehouse on a forklift to pull the proper pallet of kegs. Why a forklift? Let’s pause there for a second. We’ve all seen kegs before, but how many of us have actually lifted one (perhaps beyond once or twice in college)? A full keg of beer tips the scales at just over 160 pounds. You may as well be lifting a whole person. Then once the truck is loaded and ready to go, the true adventure begins. Navigating the streets of New York City is exciting enough on an average day, let alone with a truck packed full of your favorite craft beers. Our delivery team carefully navigates from borough to borough, across bridges and through tunnels, all in order to get beer to bars, restaurants, and markets from Bushwick to the Bronx and everywhere in between.

Though the days can be long, the work is extremely rewarding thanks to TapRm’s unique approach to distribution. We provide the opportunity for smaller, underrepresented brewers to enter the nation’s largest beer market. These are the brewers who would otherwise be lost in a the vast catalog of an oversized distributor. Instead, TapRm turns the spotlight on these excellent breweries and allows their creativity to shine. In turn, this approach allows the beer drinkers of NYC to discover fresher, local microbrewers for the first time and find their new favorite beers. In the meantime, we’ll keep driving the delivery truck and you can enjoy the beer. I’ll lift a keg to that!"

- TJ Spalty, Head of TapRm Distribution

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  • I’m curious as to why this page asks if the reader is 21. Is this a law somewhere, and if so, where? It makes no sense to me to require a legal age to read an article.

    Bill Spencer

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