How Our Favorite Brands & Brewers are Celebrating Thanksgiving

It’s almost Thanksgiving and we. Are. Ready. The way we see it, Thanksgiving is an excuse to take a day off and think about the things we’re grateful for, or even the things we want to be able to be grateful for in the future, and celebrate just however we want, with our favorite people and favorite foods and favorite drinks and favorite traditions. 

We all know the meaning of Thanksgiving has definitely changed the more we learn and reflect--we now know that while every day of the year is good for this, Thanksgiving is a great time to think about how we can respect, honor, and support Indigenous communities. And so, too, has the way we actually spend this day changed. We can gather with our whole extended family, we can cozy up with a friend and our dog, and anything in between. We can create the kind of day we feel grateful for, full of things we love. Essentially, this holiday is about supporting others, embracing the people and things we love, and indulging in our favorite dishes and beverages. What could be more exciting?

Thinking about our own Thanksgiving festivities, we wanted to seek out a little inspiration. And who better to turn to than some of our favorite brands and brewers? We know they’re geniuses when it comes to all things flavor ande celebration. So, their Thanksgiving traditions and go-to dishes and drinks are bound to help make our own holidays that much more special. Let’s hear from them and get our own best Thanksgiving yet in the works, shall we?


James Crooks, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Narragansett Brewing Co.

For Narragansett’s James, the yearly festivities are, “Always Thanksgiving dinner with the family and my mom's turkey, homemade stuffing, and cranberry sauce. A lighter beer like our Narragansett Fresh Catch Golden Ale is perfect for leaving extra room for food.”

And boom, we’re already hungry. James’ Thanksgiving sounds like all the very best parts of tradition. An easy-drinking lager or ale is a true game-changer for our holiday feasts, too. The clean carbonation cuts richer foods and helps prevent feeling overly full, and fresh crispness complements truly every flavor profile of every dish.


Tara Hankinson, Co-Founder of TALEA Beer Co.

TALEA co-founder Tara get hands-on when it comes to all the sweet treats Thanksgiving has on tap. 

“I love baking pies! I make a really colorful, tart pie with a crushed gingersnap shell and a cranberry lemon curd that tastes and looks delicious--a perfect pairing with fruited sour beers.”

Okay, file that under serious baking inspiration. Crushed gingersnap shell? Yes, please. A creative pie is a great way to refresh our Thanksgiving game--it will get everyone at the table excited, and pairing it with just the right brew is a fun activity in and of itself that will result in a dreamy dessert experience. TALEA’s fruited sours, like the Paradise Punch, are indeed an instant match made in heaven, tart fruit flavors perfectly balancing a pie’s sweetness and warm crust. 


John Ross Cocozza, Founder & President of Ross Brewing Co.

“We come from a very, very large family, and we so look forward to the holidays as they really are the only time EVERYone is able to get together,” says Ross founder and president John. “We have a great deal of holiday traditions, and so many of them are centered around food!” We’re listening.

“We always start the day with a hearty meat lasagna, then a delicious honey-glazed ham, and finally, of course, what seems like the world's biggest turkey! For the final course, to accompany the wide array of desserts that everyone has baked or brought, we have a family drink we've been enjoying since at least our grandfather's time, which is Hot Buttered Rum. Cinnamon, brown sugar, ice cream, butter, and spiced rum--it is exactly as delicious as it sounds! And in recent years, during the meal, we've added a second drink tradition: Ross Harvest Cider. It's bevy of fall spices combined with its crisp, clean finish, make it the perfect drink to accompany a rich Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving!) dinner!”

John’s day sounds like exactly what we all want, a day full of our favorite things to eat and drink, surrounded by our favorite people. Plus, that hot buttered rum has us thinking about all the fun cocktails we can make, too.


The New Belgium Brewing Company Team

We actually got a unanimous vote from the whole New Belgium team, and we can’t argue with that! This is obviously one solid holiday tradition. Their go-to for celebrating with friends and family this time of year is the Accumulation Winter Hazy IPA, and when it’s not Accumulation, it’s Fat Tire Amber Ale.

We like the way New Belgium thinks, and this is definitely an approach we’ll be taking for our own festivities. Take something fresh and bold like a hazy IPA, but also have an absolute classic on hand like the Fat Tire. The Fat Tire is an iconic beer that even the most seasoned connoisseurs never tire of (pun not intended), but it’s also the kind of brew that even the non-beer drinkers around your table will love. Everybody wins.


Jon Moore, Co-Founder of Loyal Brands Gay Beer

“I typically spend Thanksgiving in NYC with friends and enjoy a less traditional ‘Friendsgiving,’” says Jon of Gay Beer. “The menu varies with everyone preparing their own favorite dish or custom craft cocktail. It's always an interesting and creative menu with vegan dishes, gluten-free options and delicious homemade desserts. We often serve Gay Beer in a chilled coupe glass to add a little something special.”

This take on Friendsgiving sounds so lovely and fun--and delicious, too, of course. It’s no surprise that this celebration inspiration comes from a co-founder of Gay Beer, considering how rooted the brand is in community, and friends and neighbors coming together to share, laugh, get festive, and toast the occasion. Inviting your pals around and having everyone bring their favorite food sounds like a year-making event, and Gay Beer is the perfect beverage to pair with it all, and even make cocktails with.


Morgan McLachlan, Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer, & Master Distiller at AMASS

“I’m a big tea drinker throughout the year, but find myself drinking it by the gallon during the holidays,” says Morgan of AMASS. There are few things better than a cozy cup of tea when the weather starts to cool, and it feels especially comforting enjoying it at home with friends and/or family. It’s a nice ritual to start for after meals. And you can get the botanical, complex, yet refreshing feel of tea with AMASS hard seltzers like Faerie Fizz, with jasmine, cardamom, and raspberry. It’s the cozy tradition of tea with a subtle, festive kick of a 5% ABV.

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