Destination Taprooms for Your Holiday Travels

It’s that time of year again. Your mom is asking you if you can come for Thanksgiving and then just stay until Christmas. Your dad is already talking about his secret blend of spices for the turkey. And you’ve got alerts set on every discount travel site waiting for a flight home that won’t deplete whatever you’ve saved to buy people presents.

You know festive happenings await, and tons of joy that make going home something to look forward to and treasure--and that feels even more precious this year considering most of us couldn’t even think about taking the trip last year. There will be catch-ups with family and friends, so much good food that it’s honestly silly to pack anything other than pants with elastic waistbands, holiday traditions that might seem cheesy but are actually some of our favorite things, and everything from catching your niece in “The Nutcracker” to strolling a holiday market with friends and a mug of mulled wine. Good times await, for sure, but the getting there part is...a wee bit stressful, no? And, let’s be honest: as thrilled to bits as we are to spend quality time with family again, at some point, the time will come where we need a breather. Something to focus on aside from explaining to your aunt for the zillionth time what a podcast is, or what your job title is, or why you’re fine without bangs, actually.

For that reason, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite destination taprooms in different parts of the US, so that wherever you’re headed this year, you have the promise of stealing away to some lovely space with some delicious brews to look forward to. You could invite the whole crew, or you could use the outing as a mini escape between rounds of family Monopoly. In other words, these worthwhile breweries will add to--and perhaps greatly help--the joy of being home for the holidays.


American Solera - Tulsa, Oklahoma

American Solera is one of craft beer’s hottest brands, consistently churning out an impressively eclectic array of brews done incredibly well -- like the Oud Friends English-style Mild Ale, aged in oak tanks with Brettanomyces. The taproom, it turns out, is just as cool as the beer portfolio. It’s got a modern-meets-retro-80s vibe with its clean lines and pastel pops against bright white--it’s giving us “San Junipero” energy. Oh, and there are burgers. Like, really good burgers. 

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Arrowood Farms - Accord, New York

Arrowood Farms is a whole getaway in and of itself. You’ll feel totally transported from any life, work, or even holiday stress as you take in 360-degree farm views. The environment is just idyllic, and you can enjoy Arrowood’s beautiful, ingredient-showcasing beers--like the Unending Curiosity, a farmhouse ale made with smoked malt and oyster mushrooms and bottle-conditioned with maple syrup--while strolling through bucolic scenery, meeting pigs and chickens, and checking out the brewery’s own hop field. There’s also a distillery, and a full farm-to-table food menu.

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Austin Eastciders - Austin, Texas

Texas-bound cider drinkers, rejoice: Austin Eastciders knows how to have a good time. It is, after all, in Austin, and it wears its Austin pride and personality well. The Barton Springs taproom is big, spacious, bright, and welcoming. You’ll feel totally relaxed enjoying delightful ciders like the Rose Cider, and it’s the perfect place to catch up with hometown friends. There’s often live music, events like trivia, and a full menu of good, comforting grub.

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Bell’s Brewery - Kalamazoo, Michigan

One of the true O.G. trailblazers in American craft beer, Bell’s is a bucket list beer destination, the kind that turns a visit into a whole Event, and that anyone in your family would get a kick out of coming along for. Imagine the magic of drinking an iconic Two Hearted Ale in the place where it all comes from. The taproom is warm and lively, and offers a complete food menu to enjoy along with all those legendary brews.

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Bissell Brothers Brewing - Portland, Maine

Picture yourself in a modern taproom full of sunlight and bright, colorful, modern art, which is all surrounded by postcard-worthy, waterside Maine views. Now add the kinds of brews that beer lovers across the US--and beyond--clamor for, like The Substance IPA and a whole big menu of more options. Don’t forget an unrivaled food menu spotlighting local produce. Itching for a trip now? We figured--you’re heading to Bissell Brothers’ Portland taproom. And gosh, are we jealous!

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Burial Beer Co. - Asheville, North Carolina

There are all sorts of things to enjoy at Burial’s original location in Asheville, from the weather as you relax outside to the fun art and decor to a perfectly rustic taproom to the irresistible menu of local fare. And oh, yeah, the beer! Like the Pursuit Helles Lager, or any number of absolute smash hit IPAs, stouts, and more. This easy-going spot is fun for the whole family/friend group.

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Flying Embers - Los Angeles, California

A pretty cool development in the beverage space is that as hard kombucha’s popularity grows, so do the options for getting to go to dedicated taprooms for this delightfully funky, flavor-packed drink in all of its infinite varieties. Fun taproom hangs are not just for beer anymore! Flying Embers is one of kombucha’s most exciting brands--we’d argue it’s one of the beverage industry’s most exciting brands, really--with creative, genius flavors like Pineapple Chili. In the vibrant Arts District of LA, you can visit Flying Embers and experience the magic with a flight, “boochtails,” or cocktails made with different kombuchas, full pours, and more. Oh, and there’s banh mi--need we say more?

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Jackalope Brewing Company - Nashville, Tennessee

Jackalope literally helped the Nashville craft beer scene grow to where it is today, so a visit there is really a must for any beer fan. In the heart of Nashville and all of its cool hustle and bustle, Jackalope’s taproom is sleek, modern, spacious, and packed with fun, artful color pops. It’s a bright spot to take in a little bit of craft beer history and fall in love with stellar brews like the Snowman Stout.

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Montclair Brewery - Montclair, New Jersey

If you’re from New Jersey, we don’t have to tell you how lovely the town of Montclair is--it’s a whole destination on its own. But if you’ve never checked out Montclair Brewery on your visits home, well, it’s time to change that. Montclair’s always got a notably eclectic tap list, with beers brewed from a culinary perspective that feature unique ingredients and must-try flavors. You can sip standouts like the Hibiscus Dream Pale Ale in the charming, cozy taproom or the beer garden, and you’ll be able to play board games with the family or catch live music or other events.

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Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers & Springdale Beer Co. - Framingham, Massachusetts

If you can enjoy two different consistently exciting beer brands in one place, it would be pretty hard to beat that experience, wouldn’t it? Jack’s Abby’s taproom in Framingham is an absolutely ideal place to take family on visits home, or meet up with friends. It’s huge, with lots of indoor and outdoor seating, and it’s got a menu of beer-friendly eats and a whole bunch of games--even skeeball. Importantly, you can indulge in flights or full pours to try Jack’s Abby lagers, as well as the brewery’s other brand, Springdale, which gets crafty with ales like the barrel-aged Negroni ale.

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The Virginia Beer Company - Williamsburg, Virginia

Lots of space, lots of friendly vibes, and lots of delicious beer in all different styles so there’s something for everyone--The Virginia Beer Company ticks all the right boxes for a must-visit on your trip home, whether you want to bring the whole fam or savor some quiet time. Drink gems like the hoppy dream of a beer, Gorgeous Pale Ale, and catch any number of fun events as well as tasty food trucks.

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