Beers for Every Type of Super Bowl Fan

As one comforting ritual from our pre-pandemic world that we can count on, the Super Bowl is forging on. No matter what you’re into or how much or how little you give a hoot about football, this is big and exciting news, and the Super Bowl still promises to be a fun occasion all about kicking back with indulgent grub and, of course, great beer. As our celebrations move more predominantly into our own living rooms than, say, a sports bar, we’d argue that this is an even better excuse for focusing all the more on the aforementioned grub and beer. 

Whether you’re planning on catching the game with family, friends from your quarantine bubble, or a larger crew via Zoom, it’s time to start thinking about what really matters: what you’ll be drinking. At every Super Bowl party, there are different kinds of Super Bowl fans. This year, some people will be all business, there to do some serious rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Others will be hanging on for halftime, while others still are just there for all the food that’s salty, fried, and/or cheesy, a.k.a. delicious. What unites us all is what we’ll be cheers-ing good plays or good songs or good commercials with. With that in mind, we’re here with a few foolproof plays for drink options, many of them geared for the ultimate crushability required for this marathon hang sesh.



For the Serious Sports Fan: Schaefer Premium Lager

For this fan, the Super Bowl isn’t just an excuse to eat nachos. This is the culmination of a season they have followed closely and passionately. It’s the grand send-off months of victorious plays and crushing missed opportunities on the field, plus more months spent eyeing trades and negotiations. It’s the most exciting day of the year for a football die-hard, and it’s also probably a little sad because there’s about to be a hiatus in all the activity. 

This is all about tradition for these true blue fans. The Super Bowl has been happening for 53 years. It’s an institution. So, this fan needs a beer that is also a tradition, an institution. For them, the Schaefer Premium Lager. Brewed since 1842 in upstate New York, it’s New York’s oldest lager beer. And the beer itself is a simply perfect example of a simply perfect style. It’s pure, uncomplicated, fresh, crisp, and delicious. At 3.5%, it’s also so sessionable. The serious sports fan will have no problem concentrating on the game knowing their peak beer-drinking goals are handled.


For the Chant Enthusiast Fan: Night Shift Brewing Nite Lite Lager

At every Super Bowl viewing, there’s the person that is just extra Into It. They’ve been caught up in the rush of how big a deal this particular game is. They love the third act plot twist of it all, the Hail Mary moments, the eleventh-hour saves. They probably know every player’s touchdown dance by heart. Sure, it’s all about sports ball on this day, but isn’t there an element of theater to it all, too? This fan thinks so: they’re the ones in full team gear--they may or may not have painted their face--stirring up the chants and cheering the loudest. 

They, too, need all their attention focused on the game. But they also need a delicious beer, and a delicious beer that’s crushable so it can hang with them from the first kickoff to the last down. We present, the Nite Lite Lager from Night Shift Brewing. This light and easy beer is 4.3%, the ideal copilot for this fan’s Sunday afternoon-to-evening shenanigans. It’s also a reliably, never-fail great beer, being a craft take on the American classic, the light lager. There are no shortcuts here: Night Shift has thoughtfully and expertly balanced this brew to be as mouthwatering as it is thirst-quenching.



For the Hometown Pride Fan: R&H Pilsner

The Super Bowl is a national treasure even for those whose team didn’t make it to the finish line. When our teams fall out of the race, we’re bummed, but we’re still showing up for fun and also chili. It’s a great hang no matter what, and besides, we have to know what epic plays, commercials, and wardrobe malfunctions happened so we can participate in the conversation around the water cooler--or presently, the Zoom meeting--Monday morning.

For the fans whose teams are playing, though, there’s obviously a whole added level of thrill. These fans are invested. They’ve followed every move of this team maybe since they were little kids. It’s not just about the game, it’s about where they’re from or what city feels most like home to them. 

Rubsam & Hormann knows a thing or two about hometown pride. Comedian and “Impractical Joker” Brian Quinn grew up in Staten Island. He loves Staten Island and he loves beer. So it was a perfect fit for him to revive one of the island’s iconic breweries from a century before. R&H was born, and it’s got a timeless pilsner in its repertoire. The R&H pilsner is crisp and clean with a hint of herbal and citrusy hops. It’s as classic as the Super Bowl and it’s bursting with hometown pride.



For the Half-Time Show Fan: 18th Ward Brewing’s Winter Tour - Travelin’ Band White IPA 

Who’s ready for The Weeknd? The superstar will be taking centerstage at this year’s halftime show, which always delivers on both spectacle and solid tunes. For music fans, this might very well be the main event, a bigger deal to look forward to than the game, itself. Some of music’s most memorable moments come from Super Bowl halftime shows, after all.

For anyone who cares much more about the musical happenings of the Super Bowl, we’ve got just the ticket. Music fans will be pumped to know the musical connection of 18th Ward Brewing. This East Williamsburg brewery is across the street from the venue Brooklyn Steel, which, in non-pandemic times, hosts some of the biggest and most exciting acts from all genres. Check out their Travelin’ Band: Winter Tour IPA. It’s a perfect thematic match--in total harmony, you might say. More importantly, it balances bold, special flavors with drinkability, thanks to its double dry-hopped, fruit and floral flavors and its crisp finish. This beer is up to the occasion for celebrating and rocking out, but it’s crushable and easy to pair with snacks.



For the Commercial Fan: EBBS Lager No. 2

The Super Bowl’s commercials are almost as anticipated as the game, itself, and for some fans, even more so. Brands who happen to have seemingly unlimited budgets pull out all the stops to make their ads suddenly more entertaining than you ever thought an ad could be, and the result is often a whole pop culture moment. The catchphrases last and last, sometimes maybe too long but hey, we’re all having fun. Long live Betty White playing football for Snickers, and...well, we’d probably all like to forget Mountain Dew’s “puppymonkeybaby,” but anyway!

EBBS Lager No. 2 is great for the people who are tuning into the Super Bowl with more enthusiasm for these high-production-value commercials. EBBS, too, pays special attention to branding, in the sense that they stripped back all those crazy bells and whistles to focus on what matters: the beer, and just the beer. The absence of splashy artwork and even a hint of gimmick is still the very unique and recognizable image of EBBS, a move that anyone into branding, marketing, advertising, design, and most importantly, beer can appreciate. Best of all, the stuff inside the can is even more exciting than all of that combined. The Lager No. 2 takes a straightforward and time-honored style, sessionable at 4.1%, and masters it with a touch of honey and caramel notes plus Noble hops and mildly grassy herbal-ness.



For the Puppy Bowl Fan: Champion Shower Beer Pilsner

The only thing more exciting than the Super Bowl, itself, is dogs playing it. Duh. This year is Discovery’s 17th Puppy Bowl, where lovable floofs and squishy-faces and all around very good boys and girls “play” football with squeaky toys or perhaps loaf around without much interest at all. The best part is that all the doggos making their athletic star turns (or just napping mid-field) are up for adoption, so it’s premium TV viewing with a good cause and a happy ending.

The fan who spends their Super Bowl flipping back and forth between the game and the Puppy Bowl, or watching it on their phone while everyone else watches boring old humans play football, or maybe even eschews the actual Super Bowl all together to focus on the four-legged teams needs a beer that’s still versatile, great-tasting, refreshing, and sessionable, but, you know, just a little different. Enter the Shower Beer Pilsner from Champion Brewing Company. This is a shining example of a beautifully balanced and brewed pilsner, packed with maltiness and spicy Czech Saaz hops and then aged cold on lager yeast for weeks to be so fresh and so clean. As referenced in its name, this beer is great for the ritual of having a beer in the shower, another activity that, like the Puppy Bowl, not everyone always thinks of doing or even fully understands until they actually experience it. Then they realize the wonder and become lifelong devotees--something that’s easy to do with a beer like this.



For the “All About the Food” Fan: Moody Tongue Brewing Company’s Smoked Meat & Beer Pairings

Super Bowl food is about whatever you love best--sort of like the Thanksgiving of sports and entertainment and beer and snacks, indulging is the name of the game here. There’s just something about options under the whole barbecue umbrella that feels especially right for Super Bowl Sunday. It might have something to do with the prevalence of chicken wings on this high, holy day, but might we suggest elevating your setup beyond drumsticks?

Moody Tongue’s smoked meats packages are a special occasion in and of themselves, and they’ve got your entire Super Bowl feast covered in one fell swoop. Seriously, you’ll never look at your old game-day snacks the same again after commemorating this event with slow-smoked barbecue chicken, sliced brisket, pulled pork, and ribs. And as if things could get any better, these packages are thoughtfully and expertly paired with a selection of Moody Tongue brews, from the crush-all-game Aperitif Pilsner to the dynamic Juiced Lychee IPA. Just make your pick here and Moody Tongue sends the food while we send the beer.



For the “Just Here to Hang” Fan: Sunday Beer Company Light & Tight Anytime Lager

There are still those fans who aren’t football-crazed, or waiting for the next big commercial, or Puppy Bowl-obsessed. They simply recognize that the Super Bowl is a good hang. There’s excitement, there’s sports, there’s funny commercials, there’s music, there’s friends, there’s food, there’s beer. Truly, what’s not to like? Super Bowl Sunday is just a perfect storm of a perfect Sunday to these fans.

The Sunday Beer Company’s Light & Tight Anytime Lager is an easy pick here, sure, because of the brewery’s name. But beyond that, this beer is the beverage form of this kind of fan. It is a refrigerated ride-or-die, always up for a good time no matter the occasion. It’s fresh, it’s crisp, it’s easy-drinking, it’s balanced, it’s 3.8%. The Light & Tight Lager is just a ready-to-reach-for staple that makes normal Sunday afternoons special and Super Bowl Sundays even better.

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