All Things Light and Easy-Drinking for Your New Year Goals


By the time the beginning of January rolls around, we’ve been enjoying at least a month of brews on the heavier side, both in wintery flavors and in alcohol. We’re ready for drinks that might feel lighter and more simply refreshing. 

Add to that any health-centric new year’s resolutions. Planning to set a clean slate after enjoying a season of decadent holiday food in order to feel like the best version of ourselves may also call for beers, seltzers, and other tipples that are lower in calories, carbs, and ABV. 

It’s easy to understand #DryJanuary for these reasons. You might be planning on taking a month off from any booze, or you might just want to take things a bit easier for a few weeks. Luckily, we’re in a golden age of beer, seltzer, tea, lemonade, and more that’s all light in flavor and alcohol, meaning there are plenty of options and we never have to miss out on kicking back or toasting with a friend just because we don’t want to indulge in high ABVs. After all, some beverages are even a good match for post-workout, especially in line for kicking our 2021 into healthy gear. So, without further ado, here are some of the crushable options we’re most excited about, all ready to make 2021 the brighter year we all so deserve.


Lunar Yuzu Hard Seltzer

As the first Asian-American craft hard seltzer brand, Lunar is poised to expand the flavor possibilities of this bubbly staple in the repertoire of any imbiber wishing to keep things a bit lighter. Case in point: the Yuzu Hard Seltzer. Its own unique kind of bright citrus, yuzu explodes with floral and tart notes, making it a match made in heaven for seltzer. This sleek can of huge flavor comes in at 4.9% and just 120 calories.


Athletic Brewing Run Wild IPA

Athletic Brewing proves non-alcoholic beers do not have to mean flavorless beers. They have been leading the pack on the recent rise of booze-free brews that are just as complex and tasty as conventional beers. The Run Wild IPA packs the hoppy punch you seek from an IPA, but with an 0.4% ABV and 70 calories, it does so in a manner serving any healthy goal or just easy-going day.


Sunday Beer Company Light & Tight Anytime Lager

Sunday’s Light & Tight Anytime Lager is true to its name. It’s brewed to be so light, so crisp, so clean, and so refreshing that it’s perfect for any time and you’ll truly want it any time. With so much simply straightforward and classic lager flavor in such an easy-drinking form, the Light & Tight is a must for long and leisurely afternoons as well as for days when you want to keep the booze and the calories low.


Austin Eastciders Brut Super Dry Cider

You can keep the celebratory snazz of New Year’s Eve bubbling throughout even a mild and health-focused January with the Brut Super Dry Cider from Austin Eastciders. Big on flavor and small on alcohol and calories, this delight is an instant favorite for champagne, cider, and beer drinkers alike. It’s made with real fruit, and only clocks in at 4.2% ABV and 100 calories.


Flying Embers Grapefruit Thyme Hard Kombucha

Flying Embers ups the ante on already-healthy, gut-friendly kombucha with a take that feels truly festive and indulgent, enough to make any afternoon or evening special, and yet is deceptively light. Frankly, it’s almost sneaky for something that tastes this good to actually be this good for you, but we’re not mad about it! Packed with bright, acidic, sweet, and spiced notes of grapefruit and thyme, this hard kombucha is actively brewed with live probiotics and Flying Embers’ adaptogen root blend of ginger and turmeric. It’s got no sugar, no carbs, and is 4.5% ABV.


Ohza Classic Mimosa

All the joy of a citrusy, tart, bubbly brunch cocktail at your favorite restaurant, except anywhere in the world you happen to be--for the time being, probably your couch in your favorite sweats. Ohza has us officially amped for the new year with their line of canned mimosas in different flavors. They’ve made it irresistibly easy (and health routine-friendly) to take any weekend afternoon up several notches in celebratory fun. Get to know them with the classic orange flavor, 5% ABV. It’s made with real orange juice and premium sparkling wine, but has up to 80% less sugar and 60% less calories than one you’d make yourself at home or have out(!). 


Owl’s Brew Matcha Pineapple & Chamomile

Owl’s Brew took delicious and healthy matcha and made it celebration-worthy with this boozy tea, notes of pineapple and chamomile adding a beautiful blend of all things tart, acidic, sweet, and herbal. It’s such a complex flavor and aroma bouquet that it’s a wonder this refreshingly bubbly hard matcha is only 4.8% and 110 calories.


Fountain Hard Seltzer Passionfruit

In December, we’re embracing the magic of winter. The sparkle of the first snow, the cheer of the holidays. By January, we’re already over it. The cold weather gets real old real fast, and we’re mentally fast-forwarding to spring sunshine and summer beach days. Fountain’s Hard Seltzer Passionfruit cans those warm vibes with tropical tastiness, and it’s just as light as you want to keep things when getting in gear for rising temperatures. It’s 5% ABV and just 100 calories.


Take Five Hard Seltzer

It might seem hard to distinguish between hard seltzer options, but brands like Take Five make it a snap. The difference is clear when only quality ingredients and natural elements are in the mix. At just 5%, all of Take Five’s varieties are especially light, easy-going, and refreshing. Taste-wise, though, they sure do pack a punch with unique flavor combos like cranberry raspberry and classic favorites done right like lemon lime. You know what? Why not try both of those plus cherry as well as mango with the variety pack? It’s an indulgence you don’t even have to feel bad about.


Kombrewcha Royal Ginger

This one goes out to all the ginger fans. If you like ginger ale and cocktails with it, and/or if you like the heat of ginger in anything you eat or drink, this is a hard kombucha for you. Kombrewcha makes its Royal Ginger flavor with real, organic ginger for a flavor and aroma that’s so much bigger than its light and breezy 4.4% alcohol content. 


Jiant Ginger & Lemongrass Hard Kombucha

Radiant, rejuvenating elements combine for irresistibly delicious and incredibly light results. Jiant’s hard kombucha is brewed with green tea, as well as with the heat and spice of ginger, the herbal flavor of lemongrass, and the sweetness of peach and sustainably sourced honey. And all of that natural goodness clocks in at just 4.5%.


Halyard Brewing Company The Breeze Ginger Beer

Halyard’s gluten-free ginger beer is already light and refreshing perfection, full of flavor and spice yet with nothing extra that will bog you down. In this mouthwatering iteration, they added hibiscus and lime that really lift the ginger beer with a finish that will transport you away from gray winter days to the tropical island of your daydreams. And all that magic happens at 4.5% ABV.

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